Solar Guard PV

Solar Guard PV

Squirrels and mice are well known for chewing automobile wires and creating nests in engine compartments. With the proliferation of solar – squirrels have taken to the roofs and opened up shop under your solar system. The problem is getting worse and worse as more and more systems are installed. Time is on the squirrels side!

In most cases, your system will continue to run without issue even if your wires are damaged. A visual inspection under the panels will reveal nests or hanging wires. If you actually experience a power outage your problem is most likely far advanced and extensive.

What could happen

Left unchecked you could face

  • Extensive repair bills of panels
  • Electric shock to anyone coming in contact
  • Fire to your solar system or home
  • Injury to the animals

With so many wires it is impractical to protect each wire individually. The only solution is to construct a perimeter fence around your system and to close up all openings bigger than 1”.
Ampericon’s Solar Guard PV consists of a black poly coated metal mesh and is clipped into place for easy removal and maintenance of your system. Squirrels can’t chew through it and it is virtually invisible from the ground. Our expert crews are ready to safely install the Solar Guard PV and protect your valuable investment.

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