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Ampericon, partners with its customers to reduce their utility bills by evaluating and implementing renewable energy systems and/or upgrades to the efficiency of the home or business. Renewable technologies may include Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Geo-Thermal, Solar Air, and wind turbines. Energy efficiency measures may include modifications to the electric distribution circuits, temperature conditioning processes, lighting systems and building envelope. Ampericon serves primarily commercial and industrial clients with a division dedicated solely to residential applications.

Ampericon has executed numerous renewable and energy efficiency projects for its commercial clients allowing them to reduce up to 25% of their existing utility consumption, without making any major changes to existing equipment or building structures. For residential clients Ampericon was able to eliminate their entire electric bill with some programs requiring little or no money down. Many of these residential programs allowed homeowners to get their solar panel installation for free. Additionally all Ampericon propane and multifuel generator installations, portable as well as whole home, are backed by local service out of our New Jersey offices.


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Key Points of its business model are:

Focus on the payback on an energy conservation investment, as opposed to selling technology, thus ensuring a targeted investment.

Incorporate alternate energy products as financially appropriate for a facility.

Employ passive as opposed to active methods, consequently avoiding maintenance costs and effort.

Increase a facility's electrical, air-conditioning and lighting capacity.

Target the greatest inefficiencies in existing equipment & facility envelope, thus ensuring the client's first (and often only) efficiency investment provides the greatest return.

Avoid changes in current facility operations

Ampericon is an energy solutions consulting and implementation company located in Middlesex county New Jersey. Since its founding in 2006, the company’s main goal has been to deploy projects that help Business and Residential owners control their every increasing energy costs. Ampericon partners with their clients in NJ, NY and the tri state area to develop the right type of project. This collaboration is essential in order to deploy state of the art applications that generate Electric Power, Hot Water, Heating, Cooling, Lighting, and Fresh Air while trimming costs and boosting the bottom line. Ampericon offers installation and services for products like Portable and Whole Home Generators (propane or multifuel), Geothermal Systems, radiant power, Wind Turbines and Solar Panels.

As the company grows it remains focused on the hiring people that share this vision and that are committed to serving our customers so they can meet their goals.

Energy solution that gives your work more energy in various fields

Ampericon is a leading Solar Installer in New Jersey.Incorporated in 2006, this NJ Solar company has installed hundreds of solar systems for commercial and residential customers in the tri-state area