How it Works

The earth is one big solar collector - maintaining a nearly constant temperature between 50F – 60F degrees all year long. Between 5 -10 feet down the earth isn’t as susceptible to daily or seasonal ambient temperature changes.

Solar Water Heating is particularly useful in the hospitality industry and in commercial establishments with large water heating requirements across multiple locations. Our Solar Heating solutions for Hotels have helped reduced utility bills by over 40%. Going green has never been so easy and such great value for money.

A closed loop geothermal system is used to circulate an antifreeze mix through tubing buried in the ground.

As the fluid circulates underground it absorbs heat from the ground and, on its return, the now warmer fluid passes through the heat pump which extracts this heat from the fluid. The re-chilled fluid is sent back to the ground thus continuing the cycle.The heat extracted from the fluid plus that heat generated by the heat pump appliance, as a byproduct, is combined and used to heat the house.The addition of this extracted heat from the ground means more heat is generated than by electricity alone.

Switching the direction of heat flow, the geothermal system circulates the cooled water through the house for cooling in the summer months. The heat is exhausted to the same relatively cool soil rather than delivering it to the hot outside air as a typical air conditioner does. Air is blown across a smaller temperature difference which leads to higher efficiency and lower energy use.