AES for Smart Grids and Micro Grids

What is a Smart Grid ?

An electricity supply network that uses digital communications technology to detect and react to local changes in usage.

How Smart Grids benefit from AES Hybrid SuperCaps

Smart grids use a variety of systems and devices to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and allow for an easier transmission to a low-carbon based economy. Our Graphene Supercaps come into play in a variety of areas in order to accomplish the goals listed above. For example, smart meters found within the smart grids’ transmission stations (even people’s homes have similar smart thermostats) help with electricity supply and demand ; this can save consumers money especially during times of peak power use times. Utilizing this data, our supercaps can be used to accomplish this for the Smart Grid as a whole. Furthermore, unlike traditional Lithium-Ion batteries which cannot power items such as motors, air conditioners and other devices that require an instantaneous large boost of power to get them up and running, Graphene Hybrid Supercaps have no trouble powering and starting these type of power applications without a problem!

Here is a simple mockup of what a Smart Grid system would look like.

Here a combination of solar arrays, inverter chargers, a bank of AES Hybrid Supercaps and information on the backend can power large loads and backup diesel generators with a hookup to the main power grid intelligently:

Application Scheme-Advantages

1. High power performance;
2. Rapid response to high outputs of current;
3. Long lifetime (10+ years);
4. Wide range of working temperature (-40~70℃);
5. Intelligent Management system;
6. Various communication protocols and data translation;
7. Easy to be integrated into existing Smart/Micro Grids;
8. Well protected from adverse weather conditions;

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