Absolutely! Let us know what needs to be reported. Currently we can collect current, voltage and temperature at the pack and cell levels

We only require a wired internet connection. There are 3rd party wifi and cellular connection tools which we are happy to bundle with our storage solutions

We can setup a separate demo of the security & monitoring toolset.

All this is planned for the 2nd version which will be available towards the end of next year. We call it ‘Fleet Management’

Perhaps it is best to see a demo .. the client will basically be able to operate an entire mini-grid from the toolset.

The BMS limits this to 15 batteries. The cabling used needs to be appropriately sized for the amp draw that the client plans to do. If additional capacity is required – we can construct additional battery banks.

This is a mathematical projection of the life of the battery doing 5 full charge-discharge cycles, daily.

Our new generation battery (and also the old one) has a voltage range of 58.8V – 39.2V (Max charge to cut-off). At the rated 100A discharge current it stores 5.24 KWh of energy. (Based off latest supercap version)

The max continuous discharge for version 2.0 battery is 300A. The 5.24 KWh capacity means it will fully discharge in ~17 min at this rate. Similarly – at 100A discharge it should run for ~52 min

(48V 2.5kw 100A variant)

48V DC – 58V DC

AES Storage Product Differentiators Chart