Alternate Power PV Systems

Alternate Power PV Systems

PV is suitable as an alternate power source where the following conditions are prevalent:

  • Grid supplied power is erratic or insufficient.
  • Alternative power sources are expensive to operate e.g. diesel generators.
  • Lots of solar energy is available – coincident with periods of high consumption.
  • Consumption loads are fairly stable and don’t involve large in-rush currents e.g. very large motors, large welding machines etc.

In all cases – it is worthwhile to explore conservation options prior to investing in solar. The typical conservation project pays for itself in 2-4 years. Off-grid solar takes 4-12 years, depending mostly on the size of the battery pack involved. Projects that don’t need batteries pay off the earliest.

Grid interconnectivity (or net metering) is not required to successfully implement an Alternate PV Power© system.

Alternate Power PV System HIGHLIGHTS

Our off-grid PV systems have interesting capabilities:

  • The typical battery pack lasts 30-40 years and is highly resistant to heat and deep discharge conditions. 10+ yr. warranties are available. Batteries can also be restored to full capacity through simple maintenance via in-house staff.
  • PV panels are designed to last over 25 years. 20+ yr. warranties are available.
  • Low water de-dusting systems are available.
  • The size of the PV plant can be optimized by backing up extreme load swings via an inexpensive diesel generator (or grid-supply if available).
  • PV panels are installed on real estate that is usually not useful for much else – e.g. on parking lot car ports, roof tops, canopies or contaminated land.

Notable quirks or PV-based power plants:

  • PV output needs a buffer as it can only work safely when consumption perfectly matches generation. The buffer can be batteries, a genset flywheel or the local grid. The local grid is usually the cheapest alternative.
  • PV plant output typically degrades with temperature and so a relatively cooler but less sunny locale in Turkey may produce the same output as a one in sunny, but hot UAE.
  • Once installed PV plants need very little maintenance. Output is relatively stable and declines very mildly over the years. A typical panel can still produce over 80% of its nameplate output after 20 years.