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DISCONTINUED PRODUCT - Why look for a whole house generator ? Ampericon's multifuel generator will power your essential appliances like your Furnace, Refrigerator, Hot Water, Computers, Lights and more.

Standing in line at midnight for gasoline will be a thing of the past. Our generators run on natural gas (NG), propane (LP), or regular gasoline . The power to choose – it’s your choice!

Forget about rolling your portable generator out of the garage or shed during a storm. Our generator is installed in a lifetime all weather enclosure. Your aching back and generator are both protected!


Modular electric and gas hook-ups allow easy disconnection for offsite use. Each unit operates on gasoline and can be taken on a camping trip, loaned to a neighbor, or used on a jobsite. Also, in case of an outage a quick swap out with a portable generator is easy.

Starts remotely or with a manual pull-start, providing rugged flexibility. Most importantly, it can be shut down remotely – providing night time quiet when electricity isn’t needed.

Multifuel Generator FAQ's

New Jersey’s Ampericon Quality Portable Generators with Installation – Your Best Choice of a Propane Genset for Your Whole NJ Home

Have you ever woken up in the middle of a good night’s sleep just because of a brownout or power interruption? If you are a resident of New Jersey, you need not worry because NJ can now have undisturbed and uninterrupted power supply through Ampericon’s quality, converted portable gensets. It’s been a common misconception that getting a portable genset means investing a significant amount of money. Fortunately, you do not need to pay for whole home generator or a whole house generator. One automatic portable genset would suffice for your essential appliances and lighting systems. We even adapt it to natural gas so you won’t have to stand in gas lines when the power goes.

Using a quality portable genset for your whole home in New Jersey will also give you huge savings since it is not considered a home upgrade and therefore not subjected to increases in local property taxes. A regular portable generator can run out of gasoline or propane.Ours can be used with multiple fuels so you won’t have to worry. You won’t need to wake up in the middle of a good dream just to rush to the nearby gasoline station in NJ. Since propane, natural gas or gasoline, would work for your Ampericon portable genset, chances are you will have one of these on hand.

These quality generators in New Jersey are easy to maintain. Ampericon ensures that proper installation procedures are carried out. Ampericon also offers a lifetime all weather enclosure installation for its portable generators. In addition to secured installation, these gensets also allow remote, electric and manual pull-start. When you don’t need your genset running, it can be shut down remotely. This will save you money on fuel and providenight-time quiet.Everybody in your whole NJ home will get to rest comfortably. Your heat can be turned back on in the morning.

Whole Home Generators                
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Our larger whole home generators start from 14 KW and are able to power most of your homes critical power systems such as heating, airconditioning, hot water and major appliances.

Multifuel Generator FAQs

What advantages does this system have over natural gas-based whole house generators?
Most whole house generators are fixtures to the property and included in its tax base. They require expensive on site maintenance and repairs. Most installers don't see servicing as a good financial opportunity and that explains why a significant portion of installations fail to perform when they are needed most.
Our tri-fuel system is viewed as a portable genset and offers the best features of fixed models with few of their disadvantages. Most importantly you can keep our system running even if there is a disruption in the supply of natural gas. Such disruptions are likely as more people on you street install natural gas gensets. Another major advantage is the ability to shut down our system when it isn't needed – thus saving fuel costs. Our generators can be swapped out or repaired off-site in the unlikely situation of a breakdown.

What kind of maintenance does this system need?
Like any gas-based genset our product also needs maintenance. Most importantly you need to change the oil and filter after the first 50 hrs of use. You need to change them after every 200 hrs of subsequent use. It is also a good idea to clean the spark plug and air-filter periodically.

I need more power in an outage – can you provide it?
Our system is designed to allow for other synchronzing AC Coupled generators to be added as needed. E.g. we install a battery-based inverter system that can be charged from a solar PV system to provide power indefinitely through a prolonged outage. This system can be interfaced with our tri-fuel generators for outstanding power diversity.

I hate standing in gas lines during an emergency ..
We hook our gensets to your natural gas supply so that gasoline is only needed in the event your utility is unable to keep up the gas pressure on your street.

I don't like the idea of lugging a heavy generator during a storm.
Our rust-proof, ventilated enclosures mean that you never need to move our gensets during a storm. They are already installed in place and ready to go. There is no need to go out if the battery has been kept charged – you can remote start the genset. The pre-wiring also means that all your critical loads are ready to be powered when the grid outage occurs.

I don't want to run power cords to every appliance in my house
Our system involves a pre-wired transfer switch with a critical sub-panel driving all the critical loads you designate. In the event of a grid outage you only need to start up your genset to provide power to your critical loads.

Will it provide sufficient power for heating?
Our most popular genset can drive most popular sizes of gas furnaces and heat pumps. With a little load planning you should certainly have heat and hot water during the outage.

Is the power clean enough to run my computers?
Our generators deliver clean sine waves, suitable for your consumer electronics. You should be able to operate your computers confidently. We recommend the use of laptop instead of a desktop comnputer.

What happens if the equipment breaks down?
Unlike other whole-house generators, our units can be unplugged and carted away for repairs. You can also use a spare portable generator to provide power in this unlikely situation.

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