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If you are a NJ or tristate resident, chances are you are paying way too much for your electricity. Ampericon can help you reduce your electric bill to almost ZERO .

Ampericon's 10 year Solar Purchase program will install solar panels on your roof for a low monthly payment. Your monthly payments for Solar are more than offset by savings on your Electric bill and the money your earn from SREC's. In fact, you end up earning money every month after going solar.

Join hundreds of NJ home owners who have gone solar and save money every month.

How much will it cost to go Solar?
The Ampericon purchase program finances a 100% of your Solar System. Your monthly loan payments are offset by earnings from SREC's and savings on your PSEG or JCPL electric bill.

Your electric bill will go down close to zero. In additon, you will earn money every month by selling SREC's. The savings from electric and the earnings from SREC's will more than cover your monthly loan payments. Going Solar is a no brainer.

What about my utility company electric bill?
Your new utility electric bill (PSEG or JCPL) will be close to ZERO because the solar system will produce all the electricity you need. Your gas bill and any worry free contracts etc will continue to appear on your utility bill.

What are SREC's / TREC's and how much will I save after going Solar ?
NJ recently moved to a new program called TREC - Transitionary Renewable Energy Credits, a change from the earlier SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) program. Pennsylvania continue to have the SREC program. Homeowners in NJ and PA receive SREC's/TREC's for every 1000 kwh of solar power they produce. This is in ADDITION to savings on their electric bill.

SREC's in PA are sold on on open market, much like a stock.PA SREC's are at about $30 each. NJ TREC's are worth about $92 each for residential customers and $ 152 each for commercial customers. This price is fixed for 15 years and is a guaranteed flow of cash as long the solar system continues to produce power.

Most NJ homeowners will earn between $75 to $250 from TREC's each month afte going solar. This is in addition to their electric bill going down almost to zero. Typical homes in NJ could save between $300 to $450 after going Solar.

Monthly Loan payments for their solar systems are usually in the $100 to $250 range.

Thus, Home owners save money every month after going solar even after paying off their monthly solar loan payments.

Most NJ home owners will recoup their solar investments in less than 5 years. PA home owners will take upto 10 years since their SREC prices are much lower than in NJ.

What about at night and in winter when there is no sun?
The Solar panels will produce much more power on sunny days or in summer than you require. This excess power will go back to the grid (your utility company) and your electric meter will rotate backwards. You will have a credit balance at your power company. So on the days that your panels produce less power, you will be able to use the credit balance from your utility company. You dont get charged for using this power.

Who owns the panels, what about maintenance ?
The panels are owned, maintained and managed by our partner company Sunnova. They are a large national financing company based out of Texas. Sunnova guarantees your solar electric production and will even pay you in the very unlikely case the panels dont produce as much as contracted.

Will my solar system become obsolete ?
Commercially viable solar panel technology has been around for more than 30 years. During this time technology has had two major effects on solar panels: cost reduction and efficiency. Solar Panels have become cheaper and the same size of panels now produce more power. The cost reduction has slowed down significantly as we are hitting barriers in materials and production related costs. We expect solar system prices will drop marginally in the next few years, but not at the break neck pace of consumer durables. Solar panels may become more efficient but that would only result in newer solar systems occupying less roof area. Newer systems may be slightly smaller in size as the same number of panels would produce more power. Therefore, the only upside to waiting for a few years could be a smaller sized system on your roof : the prices wont affect you as you are not paying for the panels : they are free.

What if there is some new solar technology ?
There is always the possibility of some new technology replacing solar panels. However, any new technology requires a long gestation period before they are accepted for commercial use. For example solar panels were invented in the fifties, but came into commercial use in the late seventies. We expect solar panels to remain a vibrant viable technology for the next 20 to 30 years, if not more.

What if I sell my home ?
The buyer of your home will enter into an agreement with Sunnova for the remaining period of the 25 year agreement. Buyers will usually be happy to be buying a home with a fixed electric bill that could be 70 to 80% less than the regular electric bill (by the time you sell your home, the rates of regular electricity are likely to have gone up, whereas your solar electric bill remained constant) .


Solar PPA : This is also a zero cost option just like the fixed cost lease option described above. The difference is you dont pay a low fixed amount for the electricity every month as you do in a lease, rather you pay as much as the panels produce. Overall in a year you end up paying approximately the same amount through a lease or through a PPA. The warranty terms are the same for both the lease and the PPA. Like the lease, you will save 30% or more on their electric bill without making an investment. The period of the lease is normally 25 years while the period for the PPA is usually 20 years.

Purchase : You purchase and own the solar system. You take the benefits of federal tax credits (30% of system cost) and the solar renewable energy certificates (SREC's) and your electric bill reduces to almost zero. However you have the initial cost of the system to take care of. Typical pay back periods are between 8 to 10 years i.e. you will recover the money you spent on the Solar System through savings in the next 8 to 10 years.

Solar Mortgage : This is a solar system purchase option where you finance the purchase through a mortgage. This is an excellent option for buyers who are refinancing or going for a new home mortgage. The solar system results in savings from day one. Check out the solar mortgage page for more details.

PSE&G Solar Incentive : This requires a whole new page by itself. Click on me


Ampericon New Jersey - A Leading Solar Power Company that Provides Free Residential Lease PPA and Panel Installation to New Jersey Homeowners

Your home in New Jersey could be at the forefront of the green revolution with all its power requirements taken care of by the solar panels of your residential solar system. Lead the sustainable energy revolution and make a statement.

If you are one of the many New Jersey residents who are tired of the unending escalation in their electric bills – now may be the best time to reconsider that solar installation as it is free of charge. Ampericon’s professional installers can set up solar panels in your New Jersey home to reduce your electric bill by upto 30% without you spending a dime.

Installing solar panels on your home is an effective cost-reduction measure as well as a great way to reduce your carbon footprint thus mitigating your contribution to global warming. Your residential solar system serves as a power generator that powers your home while still being connected to the electric grid. When your solar system produces more power, that goes to the grid and is stored in your account. When the panels produce less, you draw from your saved power with the grid.

Ampericon provides solar panels on lease. Leasing solar panels lowers your electric costs without any upfront charge for installation. And you could enjoy the same fixed rate for your solar power for the next 20 or 25 years. The PPA installation for your solar panels is another option with zero down and it very similar to the lease.

Ampericon is amongst the most reliable Solar installers in New Jersey with a history of free solar installations for the last 7 years. Call us at 609 945 2591 for your Solar Lease, Solar PPA or Solar Panel Installation needs.

Solar is for everyone on every type of budget. Solar allows you to generate and use your own electricity first while your electric company provides the rest. You can own the system and get the electricity for free or lease the system and pay monthly like you do today with your utility bill – only you’ll pay less.

We’re going solar and you can too!

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