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Motors, Air Conditioning, and Equipment The MotorLiner™ Reactive Power Correction System

The MotorLiner™ is a product with almost universal application, used to reduce the energy consumption and improve power quality on all types of AC motors (machines, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc.). It does this by canceling a portion of the power normally drawn by these loads. And, more importantly, it does so without negatively affecting horsepower, speed, or reliability.

The MotorLiner™ reduces the wasted energy normally used by these motors by aligning the phase angle of the supplied voltage and current. This saves energy, reduces heat generation inside your motors, frees up new electrical capacity in your facility, and most importantly, produces a net kilowatt hour reduction on your electricity bill.  


  • Extends the life of motors
  • Increases electrical capacity
  • Lowers KW consumption & demand
  • Eliminates power factor penalties
  • Improves facility voltage
  • Cools overheated lines & panels
  • Improves facility power factor
  • Lasts for 140,000 hours of service

Ampericon distributes a complete range of low voltage 1-phase and 3-phase MotorLiners™, in a stepped standard model range from 0.4KVAR to 30KVAR. The 5 lines are 100-240 volt 1-phase, 200- 240 volt 3-phase, 380-440 volt, 440-480 volt, and 600 volt 3-phase. Our supplier builds specific models of each line for 50HZ and 60HZ applications. KVAR requirements above 30KVAR are available by simply paralleling multiple units.

The primary components in our MotorLiner™ are all our supplier’s own design, and are not commodity items purchased on the open market. By having end to end control of our product development, design, and manufacturing, we are able to offer products that radically exceed the normal performance, longevity, features, and power quality standards offered by other products. All our MotorLiner™ products are state-of-the-art in performance, world standards compliance, and value added functions and features.

Built into the MotorLiner™ U-Box™ Series of modular, powder coated steel enclosures. Uses an advanced inert gas filled (primarily Nitrogen), dry polypropylene film, single-mounting-bolt cylindrical capacitor style, manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility. Includes a CE IP-21 certified (finger safe) cap mounted wiring block, and integral 0.3 to 3 second fast discharge reactor module that dramatically exceeds UL/CSA mandated voltage discharge standards. Includes built-in protection from voltage transients. Standard service lifetime exceeds 140,000 hours.

The U-Box™ modular enclosure system can ship in either NEMA 1 or 3R configuration. We offer a factory installed gasket and grommet upgrade to NEMA 12 configuration. NEMA 7 and 9 explosion proof, NEMA 4X corrosion proof enclosures, current sensing disconnects, internally mounted fusing, and LED indicator lights are also available on a from-stock basis.

All MotorLiner™ products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable international safety and performance standards, including, UL, CSA, CE, EIN, DIN, and NEMA.

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