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The IllumiLiner™ Universal Lighting Controller

The IllumiLiner™ is our supplier’s patented technology that will reduce the amount of power consumed by many types of fluorescent, high intensity discharge (HID), and incandescent lighting systems by from 25% to 50%...while the lights are on.

The IllumiLiner™ installs at the lighting circuit breaker and is able to control all of the lights on that breaker, at either 120, 220, 240, 277, or 347 volts. You can enjoy a very substantial savings in your electricity costs without seeing a significant change in lighting levels and without retrofitting your existing bulbs or ballasts.

The IllumiLiner™ is extremely flexible. Its microprocessor controlled circuitry permits a wide array of useful adjustments and options to exactly match the requirements of your particular lighting application. First, the primary savings level is fully adjustable, so the savings for any individual circuit can be exactly tailored to the requirements for that area of your building. And, the IllumiLiner™ provides for three different savings levels, each controllable from an external switching input. This means you can have no savings, one savings level for one set of ambient conditions, and another savings level for other ambient conditions. Control is accomplished with any energy management system, occupancy sensors, photocell controls, time clock, or manual switching.

Another feature of the IllumiLiner™ is its ability to handle either fluorescent or HID lighting circuits by accommodating the different warmup periods for these two lighting types. A simple DIP switch setting tells the unit which operating software to use. All of the unit’s adjustability means your investment will never become obsolete; your IllumiLiner™ can easily be reprogrammed in the future.

The IllumiLiner™ works by reshaping the AC voltage waveform while maintaining peak voltage and amperage to your lighting circuits.

Lighting Retrofit Program Overview

  • No impact to capital improvement budget:

    • Nominal one-time program setup fee

    • Guaranteed savings

    • Retrofit paid from reduction in utilities budget

  • Typical savings of 22%-54% per fixture

  • Positive cash flow from ‘Day 1’

  • Original fixture left in place – no need for costly lighting studies

  • Future maintenance is deferred

  • No specialty bulb replacements.

  • Retrofit uses equal or fewer bulbs

  • Bulb warranty for 3 years – all other parts for 5 years

  • 100,000 hr. bulbs available

  • Upgrades produce equivalent or better light output levels

  • Retrofit lowers facility harmonics & sensible cooling load of HVAC system

  • Program tailored to projects as small as 200 fixtures



  • Current utility costs continue when nothing is done

  • Work space improves when lighting is upgraded

  • Total Post-Program costs are significantly lower than the “Do Nothing Cost”

  • Fewer retrofit bulbs = lower maintenance

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