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Commercial Fresh Air Comfort System (CFACS)

What it is ..

The CFACS system increases indoor comfort & reduces space conditioning costs. Bringing in outside air has undisputed health benefits as well.
  • Destratifies indoor air – especially in high ceiling buildings.
  • Brings in outdoor air to perform rapid air changes when ambient outside conditions are optimal.
  • Simultaneously exhausts indoor stale air to maintain indoor pressure balance.
  • Brings in cooling or heating (when available) at the fraction of the cost of operating HVACs.

Using the CFACS to Mitigate Sick Building Syndrome

Our fresh air systems can be set to bring in outside air regardless of inside temperatures. The duration & number of cycles for each fan run can be configured by the end user.

Outside air is filtered and injected into the building envelope. The air is best injected from close to the ceiling in a manner that destratifies interior stale air. This mixes up the fresh air and also provides even temperature distribution.It’s best to couple our fresh air system with solar collectors on a south-facing wall or roof. This allows our system to operate longer during the winter without raising the cost of heating.

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